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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tumut and Temora

Tumut and Temora
During the second week of October, Brian and I went away from Monday to Saturday with the caravan and Georgie to spend some time near Tumut and in Temora. The first day we travelled to Tumut and then to the Goobranda River staying in the Thomas Boyd Trackhead. The river was very pretty as you can see. There was a suspension bridge over it.

The Goobraganda River and the suspension bridge
We also saw lots of birds including King parrots which came in close to the caravan. There was also a rare grevillia that grows only in that area.
After two nights at the river site we travelled to Temora. We stopped at Junee on the way and had a look there. Some of its buildings are very impressive. We found Temora to be a very nice country town. It has some very impressive buildings. Here are just a few photos of the buildings.
Here are two views of the Catholic Church
The railway station and the flour mill
We also went to see through the aviation museum and in one of the hangars we saw this tiger moth.
Temora also has an excellent Rural Museum. In the grounds there are a number of huildings including a school, hall, Bradman's cottage, church, machinery sheds and others. Inside the main building is an excellent collection of household items and clothing and personal effects.
Two of the buildings - a colonial cottage and Bradman's cottage
This gramophone was just one of many items in the communications building.
Aftertwo days in Temora we travelled through to Cootamundra. There in a park we saw a huge number of these superb parrots.
From Cootamundra we travelled to Yass where we spent the night before returning home. While we were in Yass I saw a door on a building and was very impressed by its doorknocker and knob and keyhole.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I went to Bowral for the Tulip Time Festival about the beginning of October with a friend. The Corbett Gardens were ablaze with colour. The theme of the festival this year was "In an Octopus's Garden"

Here we can see the red arms of the octopus. The blue represents the water and the white the crests of the waves. There were some amazing colours and flowers for some of the tulips and the rest of the gardens looked very good also.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Around the World

In May this year I flew to Munich where I spent most of the month of May with Grag and Andrea. On my first weekend we went to the Opera House to see Konig's Kinder by Englebert
Munich Opera House
I had about five days during this time with Claire going from Vienna to Bratislava and Budapest and back to Vienna. All our travel was by train. All three cities are on the Danube River.
Bratislavia Left: Clock Museum Centre: The Castle Right: Main Squ0are

Budapest Left: Inside St Matthias Church Centre: Parliament Right: Fisherman's Bastion

Vienna Mozart's statue

While with Greg and Andrea we had a weekend travelling through the German Alps, Austrian Alps and Northern Italy to Trento. The Dolormites were very dramatic. We returned to Munich by a different route and stopped off at Innsbruck. Another weekend we went along a portion of the Romantic Road from Ausburg north. That was a very pretty area. Also while in Munich I visited many palaces and museums and the Olympic centre and went to other cities nearby such as Bad Tols and Oberamagau and Dacau.

Left: The Englisher Gartens in Munich
I visited lots of art galleries. I saw this painting of the plucked turkey(above right) at the Neue Pinkothek when we attended a special still life walk.
Below: the Frauen Kirche as seen from the tower of a nearly church
I saw the Palace and gardens at Dacau's Old Town
Left: The Morris Dancer on Sendlingerstrasse Right: Inside Nymphenburg Palace, Munich
There were lots of decorated lions around the city area of Munich
Our trip to Italy - The Austrian Alps - Greg and Andrea by Lake Caldonazzo near Trento - Trento
On another weekend we took a drive along some of the Romantic RoadLeft:Dinkelsbuhl Centre: At Harburg Castle and
Right: Ausburg
Left: Andrea and I admire the snowballs at Rothenburg (we tasted them too) Centre: Bad Tols Right: Linderhof Palace
One Sunday Greg and Andrea had a band day. It was held in Munich in a marque. It was set up as a beer hall and we all sat at tables and listened to the music and talked. Here we see the band playing with Greg on the left. Andrea is at the back but is partly obscured.
On 1 June I flew from Munich to Barcelona, Spain where I met Claire and we travelled around Spain for two weeks stopping at Barcelona, Valencia, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Alpajaras, Malaga and Madrid
Barcelona - Left Temple del Sagrat Cor at Tibidabo Centre and Right: La Sagrada Familia
Some of Gaudi's work at Guell Park (left) and La Predrera in Barcelona
Cordoba Left: Mezquita Right: Water feature near our hotel
Alpujaras Left: Chimneys on a house roof in Campiera Right: Buildings in a village near Ogiva
Left: The fountain in Valencia Centre: My birthday meal at Cordoba - Paella and Sangria
Right: The Alcazar at Seville

Palacio Real, Madrid
Left: I found a friend in Toledo Right: The bridge and Alcazar at Toledo

From Madrid I flew to London and went to Abergavenny to visit Ealey and Gerry for five days.

Top:We saw this cottage on our drive. Ealey and the newly baled hay

Top Right: Usk River Bottom: Boat on Brecon Canal

Montreal - Left: Claire tries on a hat Centre: An art piece in downtown Montreal
Right: Reflections in downtown Montreal
Then it was back to London for my flight to Montreal, Canada where Claire and I again met and had two days there before flying to Edmonton and Andrea's family and the next wedding party.
Top Left: Andrea, Greg, Marie and Claire at Fort Edmonton with "the car" Top Centre:Elk Island Top Right: Claire with Koda
Bottom Left:Greg and Andrea cut their cake at the wedding party Bottom Right: Claire gets a hug from the Mountie Bear

We were able to have a good look around Edmonton and also went up to their cabinnear a lake north of Edmonton. After that Claire and I hired a car and toured the Canadian Rockies which was marvellous - rivers, mountains, glaciers, animals etc.
Left: We drove on the Columbia Icefield in this vehicle Centre: The Angel Glacier at Mt Edith Cavell Right: Athabaska Falls
Left: We saw a real live bear beside the road Centre: Impressive Mountains and lakes Right: Claire and I at Lake Louise
Left: Ground squirrel Centre: Breakfast at our Carnmore Hotel Right: Claire helps the Canadians celebrate Canada Day!
We finished up our drive at Calgary and flew to Vancouver for two days staying with Mary, Andrea's aunt.
Left: Vancouver Centre: Totem poles in Stanley Park Right: Raccoon
Then it was off to Honolulu for three days before our flight home.
Left: Waikiki beach, Right: Sunset at Waikiki
Below: Hanauma Bay

We arrived back on 9 July.