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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tumut and Temora

Tumut and Temora
During the second week of October, Brian and I went away from Monday to Saturday with the caravan and Georgie to spend some time near Tumut and in Temora. The first day we travelled to Tumut and then to the Goobranda River staying in the Thomas Boyd Trackhead. The river was very pretty as you can see. There was a suspension bridge over it.

The Goobraganda River and the suspension bridge
We also saw lots of birds including King parrots which came in close to the caravan. There was also a rare grevillia that grows only in that area.
After two nights at the river site we travelled to Temora. We stopped at Junee on the way and had a look there. Some of its buildings are very impressive. We found Temora to be a very nice country town. It has some very impressive buildings. Here are just a few photos of the buildings.
Here are two views of the Catholic Church
The railway station and the flour mill
We also went to see through the aviation museum and in one of the hangars we saw this tiger moth.
Temora also has an excellent Rural Museum. In the grounds there are a number of huildings including a school, hall, Bradman's cottage, church, machinery sheds and others. Inside the main building is an excellent collection of household items and clothing and personal effects.
Two of the buildings - a colonial cottage and Bradman's cottage
This gramophone was just one of many items in the communications building.
Aftertwo days in Temora we travelled through to Cootamundra. There in a park we saw a huge number of these superb parrots.
From Cootamundra we travelled to Yass where we spent the night before returning home. While we were in Yass I saw a door on a building and was very impressed by its doorknocker and knob and keyhole.